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The cosiest way of warming your toes... 

Warm floors are an affordable luxury, available to everyone and suitable for all projects: renovations, new-builds, offices or entire buildings. Any project, big or small.


Many still think (quite incorrectly) that underfloor heating is more expensive than radiators – a luxury that it is not accessible to everyone. Floor heating can be installed in both small rooms and very large projects and it brings you cost-savings on your energy bills making it affordable luxury, suitable for every project.

Electric Mats

Warmup electric heating mats come in two forms; either in mesh form with a pre-spaced cable attached to it. Or, in the form of a heated decoupling mat in which heating cable is inserted and embedded amongst the castellations of the mat.


Get warm - fast

Warmup underfloor heating heats up significantly quicker than radiators due to the fact that less heat is required to bring the room to your comfort temperature (26-29 degrees). Radiators need to be heated to 65-75 degrees to achieve the same goal.

Heating Cables

Warmup heating cables, Loose Wire and Inscreed Cable come without a membrane and specifically designed for areas where you have many fittings to work around or irregularly shaped rooms when installing underfloor heating.


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